In the last decades we see a lot more people that have engaged in the habit of doing regular exercise. In social medias you see a lot of people checking in at the gym or posting pictures of running. Good thing to see them because it promotes us to exercise also. But why should you exercise?

The American College of Sports Medicine highlights a lot of benefits from exercising. A lot of studies have come to the conclusion that exercise can be better than medicine. You can feel the results of exercise in your body and health where it regulates the metabolism of most organs and it improves some disease.

Type 2 Diabetes A research conducted in 2002 states that regular exercise reduces the chances of developing this condition by 58 %. It also states that exercise is twice as effective as insulin.

Heart Disease It has long been known that exercise strengthens your heart muscle, making it more efficient. Exercise changes the structure of the muscles and also promotes a healthier metabolism. It also gives healthier blood vessels.

Depression Madhukar Trivedi, a psychiatrist at the Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas shows that exercise is as effective as anti-depressants. Doing exercises make people feel good, as they have accomplished something which can reduce the symptoms of depression. It also engages them in social activities which can help with their hopelessness.

Alzheimer’s Disease Exercise slows the progression of dementia by 50 %. Data also shows that people that do regular physical activity are less likely to develop dementia.

Other conditions  Exercising can help alleviate anxiety, sleep disorder, mood swings, sexual activity and also last but not least body weight.

A lot of experts nowadays are advising people to exercise regularly and also to stick to a schedule. The time of exercising matters a lot because it contributes to the circadian rhythm or your inner clock. Most people have better results if they exercise in the morning, because it boosts their organism for a fresher day. But some people find that it helps them beat insomnia, so it is also okay to exercise before they go to bed. However since during exercise your heart rate pumps up and also your temperature raises sometimes it can harm your sleep.

To find the best time for your exercise try exercising first in the morning and then switching at night. See what works best for you, and that will be your inner clock.



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