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An Outstanding Learning Experience

At WSS, you will be taught by league university tutors and mentors who are committed to providing you with a unique and authentic learning experience to set you up for success in the future.

You will benefit from our highly interactive and inclusive programmes, which put the student at the heart of learning and teaching. Our programmes are designed in a way that embeds a wide range of teaching methodologies tailored to students’ needs.

You will prepare for the future as all our programmes are future-thinking and focus on 21st century learning and life skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, leadership, collaboration, resilience, and social skills.

You will have the opportunity to be supervised and guided by our world-class experts as you explore innovative concepts and discuss ideas whilst working both individually and in small groups of like-minded peers.


An Exceptional Team


You will be inspired by an exceptional team of tutors and lecturers who have honed their skills by teaching at prestigious universities such as Harvard University and the University of Oxford.
Our passionate and highly skilled tutors will actively engage and support you in a wide range of academic learning opportunities, igniting your passion and ensuring you reach your full potential.

You will benefit from the extensive first-hand experience of our tutors in both academic and non-academic matters in university life and develop your hard and soft skills to help you excel at university.


Global Perspective

Interactions with global learners will benefit you and help you develop your global citizenship identity by broadening and enriching your perspectives in your academic discipline.

By interacting and communicating with various groups of people, you will improve your cultural awareness and embrace our core values of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

You will have a better understanding of global issues in your academic discipline.

You will build a global social and professional network and become more mature, independent, and adaptable in unfamiliar situations.

You will build resilience and be ready to face any challenge.


Personalised Learning Approach


Your learning will be personalised and tailored to your skills, strengths, needs, and interests to enhance your motivation and make the most of the learning opportunities.

You will have your individual learning plan and your development will be monitored and evaluated throughout your academic course to support your growth and thrive.

You will learn how to adopt a growth mindset by delving into a positive failure, risk-free environment and experiential learning opportunities where trial and error are welcomed.


A Lasting Experience

You will build long-lasting relationships with our tutors and global learners who love to check in with you and track your progress.

You will benefit from new future opportunities to ensure that the We Speak Science experience lasts beyond the programmes and that you embrace life-long learning.

You will have the opportunity to work with our tutors and become educational change agents who will inspire stakeholders, peers, and partners to make bold ideas a reality.

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