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These courses are designed for motivated students around the world who are passionate about STEM and want to experience what it’s like to study at some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

About Online Programmes

WSS provides students with an exceptional learning experience by collaborating with the world’s leading institutions to design, develop, and deliver bespoke courses in schools and universities throughout the world.

Our highly interactive, tailored academic programmes focus on authentic learning experiences and provide our students with the opportunity to dive into deep learning whilst collaborating with our subject matter experts from the world’s top institutions, including Harvard University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, MIT, etc.

Participants will learn cutting-edge content and gain the knowledge and motivation they need to confidently plan for academic success.

Teaching will be focused on one-to-one tutorials, where students will receive personalized feedback. Students will also participate in small group activities and workshops that include solving scientific case scenarios, analysing raw authentic data, and developing leadership and teamwork skills, etc.

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What WSS Alumni Says


Enrolling in the We Speak Science Research course has been a brilliant experience. It gave me the opportunity to gain research experience. I really enjoyed working with world-class professors from Harvard University. During the course, I was able to write protocols, analyze real data, and write a scientific article on We Speak Science. In addition, I learned leadership and teamwork skills, as well as a one-on-one mock interview for a university application. Thanks to We Speak Science, I am now studying medicine at Queen Mary University of London, and soon I will move to the USA, where I plan to do a residency.

Harry Zh
Attended We Speak Science 2020

Inclusive and Challenging Curricula

Our WSS academic programmes, designed and delivered by our expert tutors, offer our participants an exceptional opportunity to dive deep into the subjects they are passionate about studying at university. Our interactive curriculum focuses on deep learning and immerses learners in a novel, active, and challenging learning environment to help them learn beyond their own boundaries. It is this challenging and inclusive curriculum, alongside our team of world-class tutors, that sets our programmes apart.

Small Class Size

Our small class sizes (an average of 5; a maximum of 10) encourage interactive learning, collaboration, and debate as participants connect more closely with their peers to tackle academically challenging concepts. Throughout all our academic sessions, each student’s knowledge, skills, and abilities are carefully evaluated, and students benefit from the more personalised approach to learning offered by our enthusiastic world-class tutors.

Interactive Lectures

Students will gain cutting-edge knowledge in STEM subjects and leadership skills. Most of our subjects are interactive in small classes and are available online. For more information, please visit WSS Online Courses.

Daily Contact with Tutors

Experiential learning and personalised feedback are at the heart of WSS courses. Participants attending WSS online courses have daily interaction with personal tutors from whom they get personalised feedback. They will be continuously engaged in class activities such as workshops and data analysis, where they will use the knowledge acquired in the lectures to solve real, authentic problems we face nowadays.

One-To-One Daily Support

The WSS courses are mostly delivered in small group classes (an average of five people), but participants will receive individual feedback for 15–30 minutes each day. This time is important to ensure all participants are progressing at the same pace as their peers. One-on-one support is also used to discuss participants’ goals and advise them on university applications.

Workshops and Case Studies

Following interactive lectures, participants also engage in various workshops with the aim of developing their academic and university skills, such as how to write a personal statement for a university application, how to choose the right university degree for their career aspirations, how to prepare for a university interview, etc.

Social Programme

Networking and socializing are very important for our programme as it not only allows students around the world to create new friendships with like-minded peers, but also teaches them about networking and collaborative skills that are key to career success. Each day of our programme ends with a “social hour” where the participants have the opportunity to get to know each other through different online activities and games. These sessions are led by world-class academics who can share their stories of success and inspire students to excel in their studies and careers.



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