Outreach is at the heart of our widening participation strategy.

Our mission is to diversify the student body by empowering and supporting prospective students from low socio-economic and underrepresented backgrounds to access STEM courses and competitions led by world-renowned academic leaders and helping them with university applications.

We also express a strong emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity. At the We Speak Science programme, we promote a multicultural and diverse environment where students of different nations and cultures are unified in a team (in an online environment) to work towards an innovative STEM project supervised by a world-expert in a field.

We work in collaboration with global schools, colleges, educational charities, and community organisations to aim to fight racism using science.

Our motto is , Educate to Innovate”

Around the globe

WSS provides a variety of programmes and projects for students all around the world that are interested in pursuing a career in a STEM profession.

We ‘Educate to Innovate’ and promote excellence by introducing students to innovative practical projects under the supervision of world experts in the field. We strongly focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills through analysis, interpretation, self-regulation, and open-mindedness. All students can participate in WSS by submitting their project focused on STEM. We strongly encourage participation of students from underrepresented ethnic groups and low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Around the globe

Is Water Found Below Mars’ South Pole?

Story Highlights MARSIS has observed bright basal reflections at Ultimi Scopuli, Mars. The contrast between the ice and the basal material must be high. Hydrous minerals and salts are being studied as a potential replacement for groundwater. At such a low base...

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Earth layers

We Speak Science Academy Project title: Earth layers Activity description: Shown in these images are students who have created the Earth layers. This includes: the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core are the four basic components that make up the earth’s...

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The size of a human on space

We Speak Science Academy Project title: The size of a human on space Activity description: Shown here is a project from students of We Speak Science Academy. This is a project created by We Speak Science Academy students. Students combined their STEM knowledge with...

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Solar System

We Speak Science Academy Project title: Solar System Activity description:  Shown here is a project from students of We Speak Science Academy. Students applied knowledge gained in STEM to construct solar system by using different materials. Some of the materials...

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Earth Orbits the Sun

We Speak Science Academy Project title: Earth Orbits the Sun Activity description:  In this activity, students of the We Speak Science Academy were asked to present their work by building 3D projects. The students used different materials to construct the earths...

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Construction of a Rocket

We Speak Science Academy Project title: Construction of a Rocket Activity description: Shown here are the handmade rockets by different students. Students were asked to express their imagination about a space phenomenon and try to construct it by using diverse...