Education Outreach

The We Speak Science Education Outreach Program aims to elevate life through Science, Technology, Engineering, and  Mathematics (STEM) Education.

This programme is designed to help pre-college school students (e.g., middle school through high school) from all over the world increase their knowledge of STEM. It is an initiative that was started by scientists from Harvard University. In this program, students have the opportunity to work in teams with international students, enhance their problem-solving skills and critical thinking, and network with world-class scientists from the best institutions and industries.

The programme is an online educational environment that uses game-based learning, simulation, and Web-based science resources in a global competition. It relies on the personal initiative and creativity of students working in diverse teams. Access to the project via the Web makes it possible for students, parents, homeschooling families, teachers, and other interested global community members to get involved in order to help young people with their creative ideas for innovation in new forms of energy conservation and increased productivity.

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