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01- Alumni from all over the world participate in our programme and share their stories

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02 - Stories


Research Scientist Course (Online Programme)

Enisa A

I took the Future Scientist Course on the We Speak Science Online Programme. I am a very shy person, and I thought that I would have a problem communicating with my supervisors, but as soon as we started our first lesson, all my nerves went away, and I started talking normally as if I was talking to a friend!

I found the course really useful to better understand what business is. Now that I have tried it out, I would love to continue studying it.


Academic Insights participant

Flajdi A

At We Speak Science, I received a lot of attention and support from my tutor, who is a senior academic at the University of Oxford. She guided me step-by-step through my research project and taught me to be patient, but at the same time, proactive. This has really built my confidence and equipped me with scientific research skills. We Speak Science has inspired me to study biomedical science at the University of Oxford, for which I plan to apply in the next academic year.


STEM Course (Online Programme)

Fiorela L

I chose to Enrol in the We Speak Science STEM course to explore data science and biomedical science in depth. I found it challenging to prepare a presentation and analyse scientific data, but it was very rewarding. I enjoyed learning about research methods in biochemistry and analysing scientific research data carried out in space. I really enjoyed learning about data science. I want to continue studying it.

Academic Insights participant

Juna K

The academic support and pastoral care I have received at We Speak Science has been amazing. I have developed a genuine, authentic relationship with academics, and they have really supported me in my university application, for which I will always be grateful.

Academic Insights participant

Anna B

The We Speak Science programme is a useful experience for both learning in STEM and choosing a personal career. I learned a lot and met new people who shared the same interests as me, some of whom I now call my friends. I understood new concepts that I had never thought about before, and most importantly, I very much enjoyed this experience. I feel more knowledgeable and passionate about STEM, and I plan to study artificial intelligence at university.

Academic Insights participant

Elly Z

At We Speak Science Online Programs I really enjoyed the teamwork activities and group discussion. I found solving case studies challenging but very inspiring and interesting. The tutor was always there to support the team. I feel much more confident and have gained core academic skills such as essay writing. I plan to study biochemistry in the USA at Stanford University.

Research Project (Online Programme)

Jake R

At the age of 15, I never thought I could write a scientific article with my professor from Harvard University. Yet, thanks to We Speak Science, I was able to do that. I learned a lot about scientific research, how to formulate scientific questions, write a protocol and analyse results. I am looking forward to my future. We Speak Science has taught me that “anything is possible” and to aim high.

Global Warming and Climate Change (Online Programme)

Alesia E

I have always wanted to understand more about climate change, as it is a global issue nowadays. I really enjoyed taking the global warming and climate change courses. Now I understand a lot more about the current issues and potential problems surrounding such a big problem. Thanks to the knowledge gained, I aim to apply to the Yale Programme on Climate Change Communication.

Individual Research Project (Online Programme)

Erion K

Thanks to the WSS Individual Research Project I took, I now feel more confident in scientific writing and how to conduct scientific research. My tutor was exceptional and taught me key fundamental parts of the research, for example, important cell biology techniques such as cloning, transfection, transduction, microscopy, and RT-PCR. The WSS experience was fundamental to me and made me fall more in love with science. I am now enrolled in a biomedical programme and want to carry on scientific research.

Space Biology (Online Programme)

Ella R

I was initially afraid of taking the space biology programme at We Speak Science. I thought it would be too difficult for me, and I would fall behind compared to my friends. However, I found that the academics and tutors took a one-on-one approach and very much helped me understand the course very well. They were really caring and very much supported me. I learned that the most important thing is to progress. I found the programme very inspiring and am now competing in the We Speak Science Space Competition, which I plan to win (smile and show your hand in victory).

Research Project (Online Programme)

Henry C

My tutor very much helped me through my research project. She understood my needs and shared lots of resources to help me better understand the learning materials. She simplified lots of information in a way that I could easily understand and was inspiring, passionate, supportive, patient, and dedicated. She opened many doors for my future. I am truly grateful.

University Support Application (Online Programme)

Aiden B

Before applying to university, I was very nervous, and I did not really know how to be selected among the best. How do I stand out? How do I show others that I am passionate about research? The tutors at We Speak Science trained me on how to write a personal statement and prepare for an interview, as well as gave me authentic, real-world research work experience where I had to analyse scientific data. In addition, I had a mock interview for my university application, from which I learned a lot. I am so happy that now I can study at the University of Cambridge. The We Speak Science experience has been central to my success.

Individual Research Project (Online Programme)

Kamila N

I very much enjoyed the online one-on-one research project that I did in collaboration with my supervisor at Harvard University. I learned how to conduct scientific experiments. I learned about PCR, Western blot analysis, and how to analyse data. I also enjoyed the research presentation that I had to make in front of a world-class scientific audience.

This has been one of the most inspiring educational experiences in my life, and it has motivated me to study biological and biomedical sciences at Harvard University. I hope I get in. I can’t wait!

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