Imperial College London
Co-founder and Chair of We Speak Science
Dr Zalli earned her PhD in University of Birmingham, UK. Her research investigated the effects of β2 agonists on the immune function with the view to better understand  how stress affects the ability of the cytotoxic cells of the immune system to fight infection. Following her PhD, Dr. A Zalli carried her postdoctoral research training at University College London, where she published a number of high impact scientific journals in the field of psychobiology whilst collaborating with world leading scientists including a Nobel Prize Winner. Whilst conducting scientific research, Argita also worked as a lecturer as she designed, taught and directed a number of biomedical sciences courses for medical students. Argita was awarded UCL medical students’ top teaching award for the neuro-immunology course she designed, delivered and directed. After completion of her first post-doc training , Dr. A Zalli moved to Imperial College London, where she conducted medical research in the field of Haematology. Her passion for higher education teaching led  Dr. A Zalli  complete her MSc studies in University Learning and Teaching in Imperial College London, whilst working full time and being a Mum. Over the past couple of years Dr. A Zalli has focused on teaching and pedagogical training of university teaching staff and she is currently a teaching and learning specialist lead in the Faculty of Medicine , clinical years. Dr  A. Zalli is also the co-founder of We Speak Science, a non-profit institution, the aim of which is to increase awareness of science and medicine in the USA and Europe. Through We Speak Science, Dr A. Zalli co-founded the charity called “Aferdita Ime”, in collaboration with other world-class oncologists and scientists whose aim is to help cancer patients through psycho-social support and counselling.