School of Health, Science and Wellbeing. Staffordshire University

Strategic Management and Development Fellow
I am Dr. Willian Abraham da Silveira and I am currently a Lecturer in Molecular Genetics and Genomics at the Staffordshire University where I am teaching Biological and Biomedical students, supervising graduate students in Omics, Ageing and Space Biology projects and where I am coordinating efforts with NHS Genomics services. I am part of the Class – 2 of NASA’s STAR (Spaceflight Technology, Applications, and Research) training program. I co-lead the Level 07 module of Space Omics at the International Space University (ISU) and I am a guest lecture at the University College London. I co-founded and I am now the head of multi-omics and systems biology of the Space Omics Topical Team funded by the European Space Agency a group with members from Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and from the United Kingdom. I also joined the International Standards for Space Omics Processing (ISSOP), a consortium formed by scientists linked to the European, American and Japanese Space Agencies (ESA, NASA and JAXA) to define the future of Space Omics procedures.
My main aligned interests with UK Space Life and Biomedical Sciences Association include, but are not limited to: Foster and develop mutually beneficial relationships at national and international levels between academic, scientific, healthcare and industrial sector bodies conducting activities that pertain to human spaceflight (Objective); and independent Living – Ageing, Lifestyle & Nutrition (Strategy R&D Theme)