Who We Are

    Detina Zalli, Ph.D.

    Harvard University

    Co-founder and President​

    Dr. Detina Zalli is a Lecturer and a Research Scientist at Harvard University. Her research is focused on a group of proteins known to be involved in breast cancer invasion and in bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Dr. Zalli currently teaches both graduate and undergraduate dental and medical students and has directed and organized different courses on cell biology such as “Cilia and Human Disease”, or “Bone mechanosensation Mechanisms” in Harvard University. Dr. Zalli is the chairperson for Harvard Lectures That Last and Director of the Biotechnology Journal Club in Harvard University. Her biggest passion is doing research and sharing her knowledge with others.

        Argita Zalli, Ph.D

         University College London

        Co-founder and Chair of We Speak Science

        Dr. Argita Zalli is a postdoctoral researcher at University College London (UCL) where she is conducting research in the field of Psycho-Biology. Her main research interests focus on understanding the relationship between stress (central nervous system) and disease (immune system). Her PhD was in immunology at University of Birmingham, where she worked with one of the country’s most respected professors, Prof. Paul Moss. Whilst working in UCL she published a high impact journal in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. One of the co-authors in this journal is Prof. Elizabeth Blackburn, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2009.

            Ornela Gjata

            Harvard University

            Director of We Speak Science

            Ornela is a graduate student at Harvard University. She is studying muscle regeneration, and conducting diabetes research at Harvard Stem Cell Institute. She has evolved a love for science and her goal is to share it with youth of all ages. She currently teaches Genetics, Genomics and Evolution to undergraduates at Harvard University. She plans on pursuing a career in medicine. She is also Chair of Communications for Harvard Graduate Student Government.

                Dr. Lisa M. Miller

                American Public University

                Consultant of We Speak Science

                Dr. Lisa M. Miller serves as Professor of Health Sciences with American Military University in addition to providing consulting services to The Harvard Leadership Conference.  She graduated with a Masters in Labor and Human Resources from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University following the completion of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. She then earned a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Management with a specialization in Counseling and Sport Psychology in addition to a concentration in Research on Human Development. She also completed a concentration from Harvard in the Divinity School for Education and Religious Studies. Dr. Miller has been a college professor for over 10 years in addition to keeping an active research agenda and serving on several executive boards.

                    Dr. Ian Grayson

                    Dr. Ian Grayson

                    Graduated from University of Toronto in 1977 with BSc then attended U of T for dentistry and graduated with DDS in 1981. Did a General Practice residency at Toronto General Hospital graduated 1982. Worked in both private practice and large clinic practice for 33 years. Was clinic administrator for 5 years 2008-2013. Affiliated with the University of Toronto admissions committee and endodontic department 2010-2013. Currently a 3rd year resident at HSDM in endodontics. Married 28 years with 3 children and enjoy squash and skiing.

                        Ramel Racelis

                        Harvard University Extension School

                        Strategic Management and Development Fellow

                        Ramel Racelis is the Strategic Management and Development Fellow at We Speak Science. As a recent graduate student he received his ALM in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University’s Extension School. Prior to graduating he interned as a research assistant at the Columbia Business School’s Institute for Tele-Information (CITI). Ramel also volunteered as a lead educator at Columbia Impact, teaching adults math in order to pass the TSAC (formerly known as GED). Ramel previously acted as Chief Financial Officer for UniPro, a high social impact Filipino American educational nonprofit, which he cofounded. Currently as a trustee for Unipro, he enjoys watching his organization grow and flourish in accomplishments and stature.

                        Ramel has over 10 years of leadership experience from being a collegiate club President to participating and leading organizations on both the domestic and national levels. At Harvard he was active in two student organizations as a Senator for the Harvard Graduate and Professional Student Government and Vice President for the Harvard Extension Student Association. He has many years of experience in logistics, event planning, and both organizational and community development. Ramel enjoys and excels in strategy, organizing, and executing objectives.