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The Laboratory of Organic Products “Ekobio”

School name: Flatrat e Dijes High School of Fier, Albania

Project title: The laboratory of organic products “Ekobio”

Activity description:  In this activity, students were asked to present their work to the public and implement the importance of homemade organic soaps. The activity comprised the following topics:

  1. Medicinal plants & Essential potions;
  2. Environmentally friendly products;
  3. System of sanitation;
  4. Development of organic products under laboratory conditions;
  5. Enhancement of product shelf-life.

Fig.1: Students working together to prepare the organic soap using olive oil and caustic soda. They were asked to explain the process step by step.

Fig.2: Shown here is the finished product. Students were asked to explain the organic soap benefits to the shoppers.

Fig.3: Shown here is the working team of the laboratory “Ekobio”. Students received certificates for their contributions.

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