Obesity is a major health problem worldwide. Obesity is usually as a condition in which a person’s weight is 20% or more above normal weight or as a BMI of 30 or more. (WHO, 2015)

Doctors usually define “overweight” as a condition in which a person’s weight is 10%-20% higher than “normal,” as defined by a standard height/weight chart, or as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 30. This obviously shows that obesity and overweight have a slight difference. (CDC, 2016)

Scientists in order to tackle the problem of obesity and overweight, invented an oxytocin nasal spray that curbs obesity by improving self-control. According to preliminary studies oxytocin nasal spray reduces food intake, alleviates diabetes, decreases impulsive behavior in obese and overweight people, without affecting appetite. But researchers have yet to reveal the mode of action of oxytocin nasal spray that is very important to investigating oxytocin spray as a possible option for cure (FranziskaPlessow, 2016).

Oxytocin is a “pro-social” hormone, produced in the brain that is then transported to the pituitary gland. It is often referred to as the "love hormone" for its role in sex, birth and breastfeeding.It is also important for controlling food intake, and weight. (Nathaniel Heintz, James and Marilyn Simons Professor, 2014).

It remains elusive whether nasal oxytocin penetrates the brain, as oxytocin is polypeptide and it is almost impossible to penetrate blood-brain barrier. Scientist in the University of Bonn set out to investigate the way through which oxytocin enters the brain. They took cerebrospinal fluid samples from patients and found that oxytocin levels were elevated in cerebrospinal fluid of assigned patients. This is a hint that oxytocin counterintuitively crossed blood –brain barrier, but more studies are needed to solve the missing part of puzzle. (Striepens et al. (2013).

A dose of oxytocin, delivered in the form of a nasal spray, can make people nicer towards the ostracizedreduce marijuana cravings, and ‘enhance brain function’ in autistic children. There is an assumption that oxytocin enters brain directly through the nerves.(Maier W, &Hurlemann,2013).

Another reason that this spray is worthy to be approved is that oxytocin is natural hormone, than nasal spray is not invasive way of drug delivery, showed no strong side effects, easiness of use and oxytocin do not cause drug dependency. (Nathaniel Heintz, James and Marilyn Simons Professor, 2014).


COPYRIGHT: This article is property of We Speak Science, a nonprofit institution co-founded by Dr. Detina Zalli (Harvard University) and Dr. Argita Zalli (Imperial College London). The article is written by Vedat Sunguri ( Master of Pharmacy, University of Pristina) .



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