University Application Preparation

We Speak Science consists of world-class academics who work at the world’s most prestigious universities, including the University of Oxford, Imperial College, University of Cambridge, Harvard University, etc.

As We Speak Science, we support students for University Applications through:

    1. Teaching them how to stand out and write an excellent personal statement.
    2. Providing them with an outstanding opportunity to secure a work experience in the STEM field so that they can continue to build their skills in a real work environment and experience what it is like to work in STEM
    3. Preparing them on how to succeed in an interview
    4. Writing a strong letter of reference witnessing the student’s work on WSS and skills gained

Students will be offered group and one-to-one sessions where the academic lead will focus on the student’s interests in order to enhance their chances of studying at a prestigious university.
The university application preparation is done online, with two online workshops (group activities) and four individual one-on-one sessions. The programme is offered as a 2- or 4-week programme. At the end of the programme, students will also receive a strong letter of recommendation from the academic lead based on the student’s work experience at We Speak Science.