The Research Scientist Course

The Research Scientist Course focuses on how to conduct scientific research and covers all aspects of scientific research in biomedical science. The programme is aimed at high school and undergraduate students with a strong interest in life science who would like to gain some experience in scientific research. No previous knowledge of the subject matter is required.
The programme is offered on a personal one-to-one basis or on a group basis.

The programme is taught by world-class leaders in biomedical science, including academics from Harvard University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, NASA scientists, etc. The programme is available as a 2, 4, or 8-week and takes on a student-centre approach where students actively participate in their learning through experiential learning (learning by doing) guided by interaction with world-class scientists.

At the end of the course, students will receive a We Speak Science certificate and a Letter of Recommendation from the academic lead to provide evidence of the student’s project work in the course.

Students participating in the Research Scientist Course will also automatically enrol in the “STEM Competition”, which involves writing a scientific article on a topic of their interest, guided by a well-known scientist. The article will be published on the wespeakscience website and will be assessed by world-renowned academics.

This module will cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to Scientific Research and PubMed
2. Research Methods in Biochemistry
3. How to Critically Review and Analyse a Scientific Paper
4. How to Conduct Research: Data Analysis, Result Interpretation, Statistics
5. An Opportunity to Write a Scientific Paper in Collaboration with a World-Class Academic that will be Published at “We Speak Science”