The Future Energy Course: Renewable Energy

This course is aimed at all participants who wish to have a comprehensive grasp of renewable energy principles, techniques, and applications.

This information may be used to improve the knowledge of energy in your current job, to enter the area of renewable energy, and to encourage sustainability in your home and community.

Renewable energy is a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and exciting area due to new technology, market structures, and business strategies. This course emphasises pragmatic information, such as actual costs and technological performance, market trends, and web-based analytical tools.

We deliver a complete and up-to-date education on renewable energy through lectures, case studies, and activities where students are required to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve real life problems whilst working in a team.

This module will cover the following topics:

    1. Introduction to global energy fundamentals
    2. The basics of renewable power and electricity systems
    3. What it takes to design, develop, and maintain  renewable energy projects
    4. The potential future of renewable energy