Space Medicine

Space medicine is the practise of medicine on astronauts in the outer space and is thus key to ensuring the safety, health, and performance of space travellers in hazardous, harsh environments. This makes space medicine critical to the human exploration of space.

The Space Medicine course focuses on the Space Flight Environment, Aerospace Physiology, Environmental Challenges Encountered in Space, Operational Aviation Medicine, and Space Genomics and Biology.

This course is aimed at healthcare professionals or engineers interested in space medicine. Such an audience may include medical doctors, nurses, including flight nurses; biologists; neuroscientists; engineers; aerospace physiologists; radiation health professionals; etc.

The programme will be taught by internationally renowned scientists and clinicians from a combination of academic, commercial, and world-class organizations including NASA, Imperial College London, the University of Oxford etc.

The programme involves live (synchronous) teaching and is available as a 4- or 8-week course (consisting of 4 workshops) or an 8-week course (consisting of 8 workshops). The course takes on a student-center approach where students actively participate in their learning through experiential learning (learning by doing) guided by interaction with world-class scientists.

Students participating in the course will learn about:

    1. Space Flight Environment
    2. Aerospace Physiology
    3. Operational Aviation Medicine
    4. Space Genomics/Biology