One-on-One Research in Precision Oncology and Genomic Medicine

This is an opportunity for the students to directly work with a world-class scientist in precision oncology or genomic medicine. Students will learn key experimental skills and data analysis.

Moreover, they will learn how to write experimental protocols, trouble shoot, analyze key scientific data, and present the scientific research before a world-class scientific audience. To be eligible for the programme, participants should have a significant interest in precision oncology or genomic medicine and a desire to acquire genuine, hands-on experience in the laboratory conducting scientific research.

The programme is offered on a personal, one-to-one basis whereby the student will be mentored and work directly with a scientist from one of the world’s best universities, such as the University of Oxford, Imperial College, University of Cambridge, etc.

The programme is offered as a 4- or 8-week course and takes on a student-centered approach where students actively participate in their learning through experiential learning (learning by doing).