Global Warming and Climate Change

Climate change has been identified as humanity’s greatest threat. Glacier retreat, ocean acidification, and an increasingly susceptible food supply are all examples of the consequences. It is thus critical that we work together to find answers to the problem of climate change.

This course is aimed at students all over the world with little or no scientific background but who have a strong interest in global warming and climate change.

In this course, students will learn about the causes of global warming, the science of climate change, and how we may mitigate or adapt to the effects of climate change.

This module will cover the following topics:

  1. The Science of Climate Change
  2. What Causes Global Warming
  3. The Effects of Climate Change
  4. Climate Change and Society
  5. Possible Solutions to Climate Change: Mitigation, Adaptation, and Geo-engineering
  6. New Energy Technologies