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Pasta bridges and Kepler’s telescope​

We Speak Science Academy

Project title: Pasta bridges and Kepler’s telescope

Activity description:  Students of the We Speak Science Academy performed this activity to demonstrate the dependence of the weight exerted by the tools on the flexibility of the bridge. They were able to build the Keplerian Telescope and derive the characteristics of the example given by it. It was demanded to point out the importance of the telescope in astronomy. Student presentation included the following topics:

  1. Tension– A force that acts to pull on opposite ends of an object
  2. The physics behind bridges
  3. Gravity
  4. Keplerian Telescope
  5. Astronomy

Fig.1 Shown here is a 3D model of a bridge made of pasta and strings. Students were asked to explain the bridge’s center of gravity which should be as close as possible to the supporting base.

Fig.2 Shown here is another example of a bridge that was made of small wooden pieces and glue. Students were asked to explain the forces that have an impact.

Fig.3 Shown here is the Keplerian telescope. Students were asked to explain how does it work and the role of its lenses.

Student projects were guided by mentors of The We Speak Science Academy

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