1. To broaden students’ and public perspective, about many different forms that science and medicine can assume beyond ownership. We want the people to know, who the real scientists are today, what problems in science and medicine are, and how we are solving them
  2. Focus on a better understanding of science and medical innovation and the value they bring to improving human health.
  3. Discuss latest medical and scientific findings/new technologies available for scientists and MDs in 21st century.
  4. Network with MD and Professional scientists

How to reach the objectives

  1. Professional MD and Research scientists will present their work online (5 min presentation) briefly introducing their research, addressing the problems that they are facing and what approach they are taking to solve them. (All these will be spoken about in simple form so that the public understands).
  1. The presentations will be available online and will be shared by all professionals.
  1. Public (student) interaction will be influenced by asking questions at the end of presentations. Best answer will be awarded.

Mission Statement:

By combining resources from academia, the We Speak Science (WSS) project will provide members, elite opportunities to interact, to exchange and obtain meaningful information that creates significant long-term value to future scientists, medical doctors, students, administration and faculty members. Here we will discuss latest medical and scientific findings and how these are impacting the future of science and medicine. Professional scientists/and medical doctors will also create short videos, explaining their work and research, giving the students an opportunity to interact at all levels.

WSS Vision:

WSS looks to arrange cutting-edge scientific and medical events, in which members make one-on-one contact, with inspiring medical and scientific experts from around the world. Then go on to participate in and influence for the better the science and medicine, along with their own education and their personal and professional lives.

Our Club’s Motto®

Our Club has been founded in the belief that:”It is our duty to develop medicine and science by teaching others and influencing students to enter this passionate, exciting field.”