First Visit to the Moon

Project title: First Visit to the Moon

Activity description: In this activity, the students of the We Speak Science Academy were asked to present their work by using the concept of building a model which shows the first visit to the Moon.

Student experiment included the following topics:

  1. How is the Moon surface
  2.  First human on the Moon
  3. How the Apollo XI was built
  4. What kind of materials are used

In this project the students were able to see:

  • How they can construct the model of Space craft
  • How to put in practice the theorical knowledge’s
  •  How to use circumstantial tools for the scientific purpose

Fig.1 Shown here are the students to make their project. Materials used in this project were: thin piece of wood, aluminum paper, fish bread, paints and brushes, adhesive. In this project the student explained to us how they imagined the first visit to the Moon. They were asked how the Space craft is used and how far does it go.

Fig.2 Shown here are the students and their project.

The student project was guided by Xhyhere Zagani mentor.

Name/ Surname: Enxhi Bardhi & Adna Saliaga
Age: 14 years old
Tel: 069 239 1005
School: Tomorrow’s Education System: TES
Tiranë, Albania.

Thoughts on the project:
• Whenever we have to face challenges, we discover knew skills.
Due to this project, I discovered the love I have for science and the curiosity that I have to give answers to all the questions connected to science.

Photo of the student:
Adna Saliaga

We Speak Science means to put rules into practice and this is what this project did.

Photo of the student:
Enxhi Bardhi

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