ARTEMISININ, a naturally occurring antimalarial isolated from Chinese remedy Qinghaosu ( Artemisia annua ), a sesquiterpene lactone with a 1,2,4-trioxane ring system with no significant side effects and clinical resistance but low solubility and poor pharmacological properties. Despite wide potentials of artemisinin, its precise mechanisms of action remain mostly hypothetical. Hence, artemisinin derivatives that could help identify such mechanisms are of utmost importance for researchers.
Biolynx Technologies selected its first artemisinin based probes on Artelinic Acid under the LynxTag-ARTTM platform. These are proprietary fluorescent tagged artelinic acid analogues, which have been validated to be functional mimics of the untagged parent artelinic acid. Artelinic acid is a close Artemisinin analogue designed to deliver an improved solubility and bioavailability while keeping similar modes of action compared to artemisinin. The LynxTag-ARTTMAA series is ideal in allowing a reliable functionalisation with a fluorescent moiety and therefore visualization of drug-cell interactions. Henceforth, these are useful research tools to uncover the underlying mechanisms and powerful actions of artemisinin derivatives.

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