Sexual health is one of the most discussed topics in the last decade. Lately a lot of emphasis is put especially in prevention and early diagnosis. One of the big concerns is HIV and AIDS.

Medical professionals say that early diagnosis is the key management in controlling HIV. Nowadays professionals advise to undergo HIV testing if you are sexually active. This screening method will improve its management and reduce its spread.

A breakthrough in this field is the HIV home test kit. It went on sale online in Britain by the Biosure Company. It is the first legally approved self-test kit that allows people to get the HIV results in just 15 minutes at home. The kit promises 99.7% accuracy from three months after a person suspects exposure to the infection.

The kit works by detecting antibodies, the proteins that fight the HIV virus. A drop of blood from the fingertip is needed and in the case of a positive result it produces two purple lines.

HIV Test probe user guide

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Experts recommend that is case of a positive result people seek professional medical help in order to confirm the diagnosis. Professionals ensure that people with a positive diagnosis won’t be left unsupported, they will be provided with the best medical support.

It is estimated that almost half of the people living with HIV find out late, meaning they’ve been infected for at least four years. Taking the test as soon as possible will improve the prognosis of the disease and also prevent most of its complications.

This development is a big step in public health. Sexual health managers hope that this will help control the numbers of HIV infection. Many medical professionals have welcomed the kit and they hope that this will encourage more people to get tested.


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