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Enzyme activity and rate of chemical reaction

We Speak Science Academy

Project title: Enzyme activity and rate of chemical reaction

Activity description:  In this activity, students of the We Speak Science Academy were asked to present their work using the reaction’s reactants and other tools. Student experiments included the following topics:

  1. Rate of chemical reaction
  2. Enzyme activity
  3. Metabolic processes
  4. Biological catalysis
  5. Substrates, and reagents

In this experiment, students were able to see the reaction of the catalase enzyme and its factors, which are:

  • Hydrogen peroxide, used as a substrate
  • A specific amount of dish soap
  • A specific amount of yeast, which contains a peroxidase enzyme

Fig.1 Shown here are students carrying experiments. Materials used in this experiment were: soap, yeast, and warm water. Students made sure the reaction was functional. They were asked to explain the importance of a biological catalyst.

Student projects were guided by mentors of The We Speak Science Academy

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