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Building a voltaic cell with lemon battery

We Speak Science Academy

Project title: Building a voltaic cell with a lemon battery

Activity description: In this activity, students of the We Speak Science Academy were asked to build a voltaic cell with a lamp, an electric conductor, and lemons. This experiment included the following topics:

  1. The galvanic element
  2. Anodes & Cathodes as Fu and Cu
  3. Redox reactions
  4. Electrolytes & Electrodes
  5. Aqueous solutions
  6. Galvanic series

Fig.1 Shown here are students creating the galvanic cell using Fe, Cu, a lamp, an electric conductor and lemons. They were asked to put each of them in the correct position.

Fig.2 Shown here are students performing the last step of the experiment. Students were asked to explain the role of lemons as part of the galvanic element.

Student projects were guided by mentors of The We Speak Science Academy

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