Strategic Management and Development Fellow

Brunilda Hasanbelli works at the Medical University of Tirana in the Scientific Research, Academic Promotion, and Communication Sector. She was working before as a pharmacist and now she is focused on research and aiming to do her doctorate. Brunilda completed her MSc studies at the Medical University of Tirana in Pharmacy and while being a student, she has done voluntary jobs in different organizations for charity and being a translator for medical groups from the USA helping poor people. She has participated in various conferences and in some of them, she also has presented. Her passion for science made her earn another MSc study in Plant Science at the Agricultural University of Tirana whilst working full time as a pharmacist. She finished her master doing research at the Agricultural University of Zagreb, Croatia focused on plant genetic diversity. Also, she is currently serving as a Strategic Management and Development Fellow of the We Speak Science organization. She believes that someone who works hard will get what he deserves.