About Us

We Speak Science is a non-profit organization whose aim is to elevate life through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) education in the USA, the UK, the Bahamas, and Europe. Our team consists of world class professionals from top institutions and industries in the world who are excellent professors, scientists, and lecturers with a passion to educate the new generation of scientists in STEAM.

Innovation is critical to prepare for a better future hence, in the We Speak Science Programmes we ‘Educate to Innovate’ and we promote excellence in innovative practical projects under leadership of world experts in the field.

We offer different programmes for teachers and students of different ages where students directly interact with a world-class scientist in an environment where the authentic practice of the subject is reflected, focusing on the application of knowledge.

Equally important is multiculturalism and diversity. At the We Speak Science programme we promote a multicultural and diverse environment where students of different nations and cultures are unified in a team (in an online environment) to work towards an innovative STEAM project supervised by a world-expert in a field.

The main aims of our programmes are:

  1. To excel in STEAM by through involvement in innovative practical projects under leadership of world experts in the field
  2. Be able to solve problems using critical thinking skills through analysis, interpretation, self-regulation, and open-mindedness
  3. Leadership: take initiatives in various projects focusing on strategic thinking skills, creativity, active listening, empathy, and the ability to share clear and effective messages
  4. Get acquainted across different cultures, networking, and group work
  5. Prepare for an unknown future (where new professions will be created) by gaining teamwork skills, and practicing the art of communication through writing, communication, and presentation of scientific articles.
  6. Prepare to collaborate and work at national and international level

We welcome applications from teachers and students all over the world who would like to make a difference in STEAM education.

For more information, please email: info@wespeakscience.com

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