111111The appendix, the organ located at the end of our small intestines has been a mystery for generations. However scientists claim to have revealed its true function. They say that the appendix acts like a storage for good bacteria.

Scientists from Duke University Medical Center say that after an attack of severe diarrhea when the intestines lose their inhabitants, the appendix provides the needed good bacteria. This way the intestines can continue with their normal function.

Scientists came to this discovery by studying the appendices of koalas. The koalas are characterized by a very long appendix. It is known that this helps in their diet, which is mainly composed of eucalyptus leaves. On the contrary, human appendix is very small in size.

Professor Vardaxis from the Department of Medial Sciences at RMIT University, states that the shrinkage of the appendix in humans comes as a result of the diet change that occurred over thousands of years. For years doctors have advised patients to have their appendices removed, for they believed  that it is just a shadow of a formally useful organ.

Despite this discovery, Professor Bill Parker came out with a statement that we must not cling to our appendix. He explained that if someone’s appendix gets inflamed they should not hold on to it just because it has a function. He continues by saying that this is a fun thing to find and they do not want to cause any harm.


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